UAS Pilot Certification Registration

Register for an upcoming certification class.

Please choose a course according to your flight experience level. All courses require an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) Certificate. If you do not have your Part 107 RPIC, you may still take the certification test, but no certification will be issued until you provide us with your 107 RPIC Number.

More courses will be scheduled in the future - check back. If you have a group of pilots to certify, contact Jeff Singer

The course will be conducted at 375 County Road 352, Building 2060 Rifle, CO 81650.

The annual certification and initial certification course with Part 107 and flight experience will begin at 1000 the day of the training.

Course Name  Course Length

Course Cost
(Career/Volunteer Agencies)

 Initial Certification with Part 107 and Flight Experience  4 Hours  $100/$50
 Annual Recertification  4 Hours  $100/$50
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