The CoE

The CoE's greatest asset is its people—an eclectic group with experience from many walks of life. All CoE members have personal connections to firefighting and public safety and most have been active emergency responders. In addition, many CoE staff members have had careers or hold degrees or special knowledge in relevant areas. Click on the button below each team member's photograph to get to know us—better yet, stop by and visit!

Ben Miller
Ben Miller
Ben is a Colorado native, thought leader, husband, and father.
Brad Schmidt
Brad Schmidt Wildland Fire Projects
Brad is a wildland firefighter, communications and geospatial specialist, and Colorado native.
Bob Gann
Bob Gann Deputy
Bob is a Colorado native, firefighter, and engineer.
Adam Trojanowski
Adam Trojanowski Economic and Policy
Adam is an attorney, former police officer, and policy expert.
Dave Toelle
Dave Toelle Aviation Projects
Dave is a wildland firefighter, product of an Oregon ranching family, and devoted family guy.
Ben Lawrence
Ben Lawrence Technology Transfer
Ben is a long-time first responder and a search-and-rescue subject matter expert.