2020 Data Link Deployment Report

In 2020 the CoE upgraded the cache of data link equipment with pan-tilt-zoom cameras and additional radio and solar equipment. This equipment was deployed on the Grizzly Creek and Cameron Peak Wildfires in 2020 for a total of 75 days. Radios were deployed at four locations on the Grizzly Creek Fire to stream video from two locations, and extend internet connectivity for use by firefighters to one location. Fire managers on the Grizzly Creek Fire received logins allowing them to view the video feeds and steer the cameras as needed to monitor fire behavior.

The CoE deployed cameras at four different locations during the Cameron Peak Fire, and served the video streams to the public via YouTube Live. These feeds were intended to help inform evacuated citizens on the fire behavior near threatened communities. The public viewed these streams 219,981 times during the Cameron Peak Fire. 


Timelapse from camera at Windy Point deployed in support of the Grizzly Creek Fire, capturing some welcome snow in early September

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