Quickstart ATAK Training

Full featured ATAK training is available at tak.gov with a login. However many first responders may receive their first ever introduction to ATAK immediately prior to using it in the field. For first responders who do not have time for in-depth training on ATAK, below are three videos to provide a basic understanding of how to operate the app. 

Video 1: Find me, online and offline maps, coordinate locator, bloodhound tool, and point dropper (4:43)


Video 2: Changing callsign, screen orientation, roster check, network connection, downloading maps, and connecting to goTenna (6:41)


Video 3: Bonus video for orienting iOS users to the Android operating system and ATAK (3:10)


Finally this ATAK pocket guide can be printed and made into a trifold for quick reference to core ATAK features when in the field. Download pocket guide here (remember to tell your printer to "flip on short edge" if printing double-sided)